Sensorial Exercises

First learning is through the senses and we use a range of well thought out exercises and materials to help children sort, match and compare objects by colour, shape, size, touch, taste and sound. The sensorial materials are used to develop concentration and promote independence within the child. Some are also used as in indirect preparation for writing.

Communication and Language

Our Montessori language materials are based on a carefully structured phonic approach to reading and writing. First, children learn sensorially by tracing sandpaper letters and soon they are forming simple words with the moveable alphabet.


Our Montessori materials such as the number rods, sandpaper numerals, spindle boxes and glass beads provide the child with a solid foundation in this core subject. These materials provide a step-by-step learning and are self correcting, which means that the child can see their own mistakes without any adult assistance, enabling them to progress at their own pace.

Physical Development

In order to help with physical development, children are encouraged to participate in many of the physical activities carried out at nursery. These include group games with skipping ropes, hoops, balls and music & movement.

In relation to the finer motor skills, the children have many opportunities to use scissors, pencils, crayons, paint brushes, puzzles and a wide range of both simple and more intricate construction toys, all of which help their hand-eye coordination.

The children are also given the opportunity to participate in music and movement sessions daily.

Creative Development

Each month a different theme is concentrated upon and the nursery is decorated to reflect these themes, thus giving the children daily opportunities to express themselves creatively, through art projects e.g. Painting, printing, drawing, modelling dough and craft making etc.

Personal, Emotional and Social Development

Very often when a child enters nursery they have only had family members surrounding them since birth, therefore, we the nursery teachers have a very important task to undertake. We provide a secure environment enabling the child to feel safe, thus promoting confidence within them, in order that they may reach their fullest potential in every area of our curriculum. As children grow they begin to develop friendships and interact with others better, learning to share and have respect for others in their environment.