How Montessori Works

The child is truly a miraculous being and this should be felt by the educator”
- Maria Montessori

Developing the whole child

Maria Montessori’s approach to education was to observe children carefully to discover their individual needs and believed that teachers should be trained to make children more confident, capable and well equipped for the future.

The Montessori approach places emphasis on educating the whole child, covering all aspects of development, social, physical and emotional. Building upon children’s intrinsic desire to learn, Montessori created ideal environments full of opportunities for children to experiment and initiate their own education. At the heart of the method are the Montessori materials, beautiful and enticing pieces of equipment that have been carefully designed to incorporate a teaching purpose. Understanding, dexterity and skill are developed each time the child uses them.

Practical Life Exercises

On first entering the nursery children are given the opportunity to develop important life skills, which lay the foundation for the whole development of the child. The four areas covered are:

Elementary Movement

​Carrying a chair, carrying a tray, rolling/unrolling a floor mat, spooning and pouring exercises......

Care of the Environment

​Sweeping, dusting, polishing, washing the table and flower arranging.....

Care of the Self

Dressing frames, button, buckle, zip, velcro, hook & eye, stud, lacing, bow tying...

Grace and Courtesy

Excuse Me’ game, ‘Thank you’ game, greeting a visitor...