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Note for Parents

Parents it is very important that children are comfortable while at nursery, so for this reason and for safety, we ask that they change into slippers or soft shoes on arrival.

In addition we ask that you bring a bag with an extra set of clothes, in the event of any little accidents happening and that all items are marked with the child’s name.

We would encourage you not to allow children to bring toys to nursery, except perhaps for a dearly loved comforter.

Please provide your child with suitable clothing for outdoor play, e.g. a waterproof jacket if it is raining.

Parents should note that children should not be sent to nursery if they have any infectious illness and should not return until they are fully recovered.

If for any reason a child is absent from nursery, you should telephone the nursery to inform us before 10 a.m.

If someone other than the parent / guardian is collecting the child from nursery, please inform the staff in advance. Thank you.

In the event of any parent having a complaint, please inform Kathleen Kennedy, who will do her best to rectify any problem that may arise.You are invited to raise any matter at any time by contacting the SCSWIS at the following address:

SCSWIS (Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland)



scswis enquiries: 0845 600 9527

A copy of our complaints policy is attached to this prospectus, however, we do have a comprehensive booklet of policies within the nursery should you wish to have one.